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Vigrx Plus Orginal: Would You Like To Learn More Details About One of the Best Products for Male Enhancement?

What’s the product all about?

VigRX Plus is the ultimate male enhancement supplement designed to improve sexual performance and increase libido. With its unique blend of natural ingredients, VigRX can help you achieve stronger and longer-lasting erections, enhanced stamina, and heightened sexual pleasure. Try VigRX today and experience the ultimate in male virility!


Lasting Longer and Recovering Faster

VigRX Plus Original

Vigrx For Men is pills men use to increase the penis size. It contains all-natural, clinically-proven ingredients, which help you get a bigger and harder penis.
The penis contains fibrous tissue. When you get an erection, this tissue is full of vascular blood flow.

How big and hard your penis will get depends on the amount the cells in your penis can hold.

Blood vessels in your penis extend thanks to VigRx Plus. Because of blood vessels, erectile tissue extends as well. As a result, during an erection, more blood will flow to your erectile tissue.

Because more blood flows to the penis, you will get harder and bigger erections that will last longer.

What Makes the Product work?

New VigRx for Men

The pills work because of the ingredients. The blend of ingredients improves your overall sexual health, endurance, and energy.

Adaptogens are pure herbs that make sure your body adapts to different things. Some of these powerful substances are ingredients in VigRX Plus.

The adaptogens that can be found in the product can make the best of your sexual experience by increasing your endurance and libido. Aside from these two, adaptogens increase the fertility of your sperm as well as your virality.

Other ingredients make sure the blood flows freely through your body. You can have an erection if there is enough blood in your penile area. To get that blood you need to have healthy circulation as well as great cardiovascular health. Down below I’ll tell you more about every ingredient of VigRX For Men.

What Is Vigrx Plus For Men Made of?

VigRX Plus front and back side

The reason why Vig Rx Plus works are that it contains only organic ingredients. The ingredients cause biochemical reactions to happen in your body. As a result of these reactions, your penis will be bigger a well as your sexual endurance. And it doesn’t matter what mood you’re in, you’ll get hard erections. The product takes your sexual experience to a whole new level.

There is a reason why every ingredient is in the product’s formula. The combined effect of the ingredients will give you the maximum results.

The role of some ingredients is to help you have better blood flow to the penis, which will make your erections bigger and harder. Other ingredients’ goal is to by prompting your libido to make sure your sexual stamina will be the same as the sexual stamina of a pornography celebrity.

You’ll have the sex life of your’s and your partner’s dreams because of these ingredients.

Damiana ingredients found in vigrx plus


AKA Turneradiffusa Damiana grows in subtropical parts of the Caribbean, Southern Texas, South and Central America, and Mexico.lowish blossoms and leaves that are aromatic. Its leaves are aromatic and it has yellow blooms. This plant has been used for medicinal purposes since the Mayans. Why? The reason why is that the plant increases the oxygen supply in your body. The herb also boosts blood flow and nerve impulses to the penis. To put it simply, the herb was and still is used as bladder tonic and aphrodisiac. A bladder tonic makes sure that the muscles in your pelvic and bladder area work without a problem. It also helps those muscles to stay toned.[1]

Epimedium Leaf Ingredients in vigrx
Epimedium Leaf

Epimedium comes from ‘Berberidaceae’ family. The plant has flavonoids. These are chemical compounds full of antioxidants. Also, the plant has phytoestrogen or ie epimedium icariin. Phyto-estrogens are similar to estrogen. They can naturally block enzymes in the body. Also, they make sure the nitric oxide transfers to where it’s needed in the body. The more nitric oxide you have, the more testosterone you can produce.[2]

Asian Ginseng
Asian Ginseng

Our predecessors have been ahead of their time. Asian Ginseng exists and has been used for centuries. It was Shen Nung, a Chinese emperor’s favorite aphrodisiac, and he lived more than five thousand years ago. He always said that he felt sexually pleased and hot when he was using Ginseng.[3]

Muira Pauma
Muira Pauma

Brazilian groups have known and used this aphrodisiac for centuries. A research was conducted in 1994 by a doctor to see if this erotic root is indeed effective. The doctor, Jacques Waynberg, was in charge of the research. Every one of 262 participants had difficulties with their erection. After two months of taking the plant, the results were noticeable. 62% of the participants reported a very dynamic effect of the extract. And 51% said the herb improved their sexual desire as well as libido.[4]

Hawthorn Berry Ingredients in vigrx plus
Hawthorn Berry

These berries improve sexual wellness. Not only do they better cardiovascular wellness, but they also extend blood vessels. Also, hawthorn berries lower cholesterol levels and strengthen the heart. The reason why the berries are a big influence on sexual health is that they contain bioflavonoids and antioxidants. Without them, you wouldn’t get enough blood into the penile area and your erections won’t be bigger and longer-lasting![5]

Catuaba Bark Extract Ingredients in vigrx pills
Catuaba Bark Extract

Catuaba is a herb that originates from South America, more specifically Peru and Brazil. Men use it to have a bigger sexual desire and appetite. The herb contains three alkaloids. The alkaloids, cutabine A, B, and C that work out the kinks in the humane nervous system. They help you sleep better, lower your fatigue, and rid you of nervousness. Once all of these factors are taken care of, your sexual performance will be better.[6]

Saw Palmetto
Saw Palmetto

This is a North American plant. There is an abundance of it near the coast by the Eastern Gulf. Saw palmetto affects hormones. More specifically it affects testosterone pathways. People mostly used it to cure sexual inadequacies. Even though people have been consuming the plant for centuries, nobody knows the complete mechanics behind it. Despite this, the positive signs it’s shown encourage people to use it. It isn’t a surprise that this plant is the VigRX Plus ingredient.[7]

Ginkgo Biloba Plant
Ginkgo Biloba

It is another Chinese herb, and like all Chinese herbs, it’s ancient. It’s a very popular herb because it’s got powerful antioxidants in it. The antioxidants prompt blood flow to the nervous system and the brain, which makes you use your nerve cells more. When you have bigger blood flow in your body, you’ll be able to get bigger erections. Ginkgo Biloba is a solution for a lot of sexual problems, which the NCCAM has confirmed.[8]

Bioperine ingredients found in vigrx plus

Throughout history, different traditional medicines used black pepper. The recent history has shown us that Piperine is the part of black pepper that affects how we cope with other herbs and spices. Piperine and Bioperine make sure that you absorb the vital nutrients and minerals. By implementing Bioperine with other herbs to increase sexual performance by 40 % more than usual. With this increase, you’ll have better sexual endurance and prowess.[9]

comparison chart between VigRX Plus and our competition

Benefits associated with Vigrx Plus Pill

Most of the consumers of the VigrX Plus said they experienced amazing benefits. The benefits are:

Maintaining erections. Men can without any problem have erections for a long time period. What’s more, their erection is harder and longer like never before.
Off the charts libido and sex drive. Men will have a bigger desire for sex. Also, they’ll be able to go for more than one round of intercourse.
Endurance like you’ve never experienced. It will take a man longer to ejaculate. However, it won’t take long for the guy to be ready to go again after ejaculating.
Bigger semen volume as well as climaxes that are more powerful and intense than before.
The climax will become a regular thing. No more waiting for an erection to go at it again.
Less anxiety, more sexual confidence. Also a clear mind. No more thinking with your dick.
Men being intimate and enjoying sex with their partners.
Don’t forget that for the product to work, it has to be taken continuously for a longer period of time. Otherwise, the product won’t work. Consequences men can experience at different points in time are mentioned on the official website:

The ingredients are known for their ability to increase the girth and length of the penis. The product delivers on that promise. Aside from the increase in size, making the product you’ll get a harder erection that will last longer. All of this you’ll experience within the first month.

Throughout the second month, your physical look, as well as sexual endurance, will drastically improve.

During the third month, your erection will be as hard as a stone. You’ll have more energy for sex. Also, your sexual endurance will be better than ever. As long as you keep taking the product you’ll experience these results

Blood Flow Before VigRX Plus
Blood Flow Before VigRX Plus®
Blood Flow After VigRX Plus®
Blood Flow After VigRX Plus®

Are There Any Side Effects?

When you think of pills for male enhancement, you think of very strong and powerful pills. With that in mind, you automatically think they will cause serious health issues.

This isn’t the case for VigRX Plus. The product contains all-natural ingredients. The difference between ED pills and VigRX Plus is that the ED pills contain chemical compounds.

Consumers don’t complain about serious side effects. Even during the testing of the product, nobody reported any serious health issues as a result of using the product.

VigRX Plus, originally VigRX, exists for more than twenty years. In all the years of its existence, there haven’t been any side effects that harmed the consumers.

The only way for the ingredients in the formula to cause any harm is if you have other medical conditions. In these cases, the ingredients might have the wrong effect on the body.

Due to medical issues you might ger lightheaded or nauseous because of the smaller blood flow in your body. You should never take Ginseng if you’re already using warfarin and ibuprofen.

Will Product Work?

There are multiple clinical studies about VigRX Plus. hed. The manufacturer paid more than $500,000 to Vedic Lifesciences to conduct clinical research for their product.

VigRX Plus on Table

The research showed that most participants who took VigRX Plus experienced the following results:

  • Overall better sexual functionality
  • More intense climaxes that occur more often
  • Sexual gratification improves with every pill
  • Better libido

In my opinion, the product improves sexual performance. If the product doesn’t work I don’t think they would’ve managed to keep it on the market for more than ten years and sell over one million boxes.

To improve sex further, you can implement Volume Pills with the product. Volume Pills will increase semen production.

Order VigRX Plus Today

VigRX Plus or ED Pills?

ED pills require a prescription because they are erection medications. People mostly prefer to buy VigRX, because the supplement affects your body naturally.

Because it’s an organic product that acts naturally you won’t get side effects. The product increases the length and quality of the erection. It also helps men:

  • Get back their virality and sex drive
  • Have more orgasms
  • Get more pleasurable orgasms
  • Control penile penetration and erection
  • Improve their and their partner’s experience during sex

Clinical Research About VigRX Plus

The study was conducted to determine the supplement VigRX Plus’s effectiveness.

There was also a placebo triple-blind trial that lasted 84 days. It means that all of the participants, the volunteers, administrators, and researchers didn’t know the details of the treatment before it was conducted. Although it’s hard to pull it off, it is by far the most precise type of clinical study.

The research lasted twelve weeks. During that period, the participants took two pills every day. Each pill was taken with a nutritional meal.

The result of the research and the research itself confirmed that VigRX Plus is a very effective product for males who have sexual issues. The results were:

  • Penile penetration capacity raised by 59%
  • Virality and libido increased by 47%
  • Sexual satisfaction improved by 71%
  • The sexual interest raised by 61%
  • Orgasms occur more often by 23%
  • Better care of the erection by 63%
You should always keep in mind that the results of using VigRX Plus depend on a person. Not everyone will experience the same results.

How Do I Buy VigRX Plus?

The product is everywhere over the world. You can find it at grocery stores, sites, and online stores.

The more popular stores that sell it are Shoppers and Wal-Mart. As far as the sites go, you can buy VigRX Plus on Amazon and similar sites.

It would be best for you to buy VigRX Plus on its official website.

If you order more than a box from the company’s site, they’ll give you a big discount.

VigRX Plus 67 Day Guarantee

Anyone who orders the product from the official site will get a valid product which is confirmed by its authenticity code. The warranty will also be delivered with the product.

Once you receive the product, there is a 67-day window to return the product with the help of the warranty. That is if you don’t experience any positive effects in that time frame.

To Sum Up

The product is backed up by science. VigRX Plus, a supplement for penile enhancement, gives its clients harder and larger erections that last longer.

When we started looking into the product, we stumbled upon ingredients that are thoroughly researched.

Icariin is a component of VigRX Plus’ formula. The difference between Blue Pill and VigRX Plus is that VigRX Plus doesn’t cause negative effects like Blue Pill.

A refund is always a great sign. For VigRX Plus, the manufacturer gives its clients an option, a seventy-six-day refund.

FAQ about VigRX Plus

How long do I have to use VigRX Plus to see the results?

The product won’t cause you any side effects, which is the best part of VigRX Plus. The third week is when the majority of consumers start to notice the results. But it will take you somewhere from three to six months to experience the maximum results.

Will VigRX Plus Pills Work?

The manufacturer wouldn’t be selling the product for the past twenty and something years if the product didn’t produce any results. And by now they managed to sell over million boxes of the product. To have even better sexual performance, you should combine the product with Semenax or Volume pills because they boost semen production.

Will VigRX increase your penis size?

The market is filled with products that once you take your penis will be three or more inches bigger, supposedly. However, some people strongly believe that there isn’t a supplement, this one included, that can get you a bigger penis. That isn’t true because, with a longer period of time, VigRX Plus will extend your penis. The more patient you are with taking the product, the longer you’ll have a big penis, your gains might even be permanent.

What am I talking about?

VigRX Plus isn’t like other products. Your blood vessels will get bigger and you’ll have a lot of pleasure in the beginning. Once you get used to the new size, the penile tissue will stretch and repair itself back.

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